June 6, 1944, 6:00am D-Day WJZ in NY


58:46                        1-0089.aif – news – pre-invasion talk – David Wills-

Early Morning Invasion Day – Hal Peters from London-

Great                Navy’s role – mine sweeping – bombardment of shore-

Quality              2-Description of pontoons to transport to beach-

US, British, Canadian, and other Navys: Norway, Poland, Greece & Netherlands


Communique #1 3:32AM Invasion began, stars and stripes forever song played


Marines             1-Coast Guard and Marines are participating on the ships-Marines are manning secondary guns on some of the      ships


                        2-WJZ in NY

                        3-George Hayes-back to Kiernan

                        4-Normandy-100 miles to Paris-shortest route

                        5-Adolf Hitler is taking control of all invasion responses

                        6-Musical salute to armed forces

                        7-Walter Kiernan in NY

                        8-Talked of Russia-German losses in Russia-large losses

                        9-Talk of Rommel-the Desert Fox

 is now the Beaten Fox

                        10-Making fun of Hitler’s ability to command

                        Paul Nielson

                        11-Charles Shaw in London-Report from the people of London –Man in the street interview

                       *12-Communique #1 was read from a room in London at the Hdqters. 9:32 London Time




quality               2-0086.qif - Marine Corp Anthem Hymn – Walter Kiernan continuation of tape 0089.qif   & Paul Nielson talking about

American Industry, war effort, and war products; Women working in war effort. Nurses. Wrightfield  war production etc. – Dayton, Ohio

1-Rehash of 1st hour – more music – call to prayer

2-“General Eisenhower’s D-Day Speech” to the world.

3-Advice to underground armies and resistance fighters

4-“Reverend William T Manning broadcast of prayer for d-day” and all mankind. Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of NY

5-John Charles Thomas-Prayer Song

6-Eleanor Roosevelt –message for women of the US with soldiers – Pray! Exclusive Blue Network Broadcast


7:42                  009.qif

                        1-Off air check –raw audio footage of young people fooling around

2-Fooling around recordings (Forest Hills, NY) pompous, pithy goofballs


42:07                        010-92qif

                        1-Doyen St George with latest “Hot” invasion news

                        Mostly rehash of original information

2-Correspondent flew above the invasion and reported-I have that tape! WJZ-NY

3-Washington Blue Network Reporters – report

4-Ray Henley – report from Pentagon. Interesting note, Pentagon was empty at the time of invasion, even those working on the plans didn’t know when it would happen TOP SECRET??

5-General Sorrel and General Pershing first notified press of invasion.

6-David Wills- Invasion Geography report

7-Francis J Spellman – Prayers Archdiocese of NY

8-Kept trying to “Take you now to London” FAIL

Flyover guy


35:06                        010b.qif – June 7th 1944 12:00am to 12:10am


Quality              1-Broadcast announcement that you’re about to hear the famous George Hicks – European Bureau Chief of the Blue Network standing on the deck of warship and watched the invasion 10 miles away. “as he spoke he talked into a United States Navy film recorder (Recordograph machine) .” It was the first battle broadcast of the invasion. Historical recording of one of the greatest events in human history.

2-Report about German defenses on road to Paris. “Atlantic Wall”.

3-John Moroso reported wind and choppy waters almost derailed the invasion . Originally invasion was postponed 24 hrs due to bad weather.

4-United States 1st division spearheaded the Invasion

5-General news about war in the Pacific, etc etc

6-Commerical for cars etc

**     8:15PM WOR NY – Mutual Network

7-George Hicks famous report broadcast AGAIN

8-Fall of Caen – 4,000 German prisoners


36:59                        017a.qif WJZ-NY


                        1-More news-London update – Propaganda from London broadcast to                         Europe as Invasion comes, don’t exact revenge-sabotage stuff-obey

                        Allied  command, etc. Frence, Belgians, etc.


Quality              Paul Nielson-Report of D-Day false starts to through them off.                                         Caen ß Battles with Germans

                        1-Description of the Pre-Invasion Air Forces – Major Richardson – C-

                        47 paratrooper plans –paratrooper Invasion details.

2-Complete detailed D-Day Airborne paratroopers description from take off to drops in France.

3-Right  Brown?? Frank

4-Paul Nielson –New report-fighting 10 miles in

5-June 6, 1944

6-Nielson Re-cap – A.E.F.-Allied expeditionary Force

7-John W. Vandecook-From London – Editorial Explanation of Invasion

8-Walter Kiernan-Editorial filler on pre-war and war. Ramsey – Commander in Chief of Navy for Invasion

Mallory                                Air Force

Dolittle – Commands bombing of Berlin


017b.qif  - James Weather from London flew in

59:00                        1-Bomber just before Invasion-Manreder Bombers Air & Sea were                                 owned by Allies

                        Description of flight and commentary to bomb run

                        Back to Walter Kiernan Editorials –Bulletins –etc.

                        H.R. Faukridge from Washington, DC  re-cap etc

                        WJZ – NY – base to Walter Kiernan – re-cap –

                        Back to James weather with bomber re-cap

                        Ray Howly from Pentagon          

                        David Wills – Englishmen – Perspective of              now


1:08.22              018a.qif – George Hicks raw tape July 4,5,6

                        Set up sounds –cycles

                ***   1-George Hick reporting from London

Picked up in London with famous writers Hemingway, Joseph Driscol, Tom                  NY Times, etc.

2-George Hicks-Pre-invasion report-ships,troops, etc. etc. loading area description on D-Day.

                ***   3-Report from ship at anchor before leaving-

                        4-Back to U.S.-Charles Collingswood

                ***   5-Back to George Hicks June 5, 1944 from deck of US warship – not

                        Going today because of weather – same of June 4 – 22 knot winds

6-Boats are packed and ready to go, 4,5,6, - 3 days of lowest tides optimum-

7-Just received word they are going – D-DAY!!!!

        11:00                1-George Hicks an deck of warship – sees P-38 fighter bomber.

Just passed a mine! On ship description 25 miles from English coast – 75 miles to France

        14:00                2-Signal bridge of American warship 20 minutes to 6:00AM – LST’s

Going in- Great description of naval guns – bombers overhead. Great battle description!!! Shore bombardment

6:30am – forces are just landing! H-hour

3-George Hicks 5:00 pm – description – new ships coming over – invasion continuing

                        15 knots-Admirals flagship

****30:00**      4-George Hicks-Almost dark, end of 1st day of invasion, planes overhead-German-FAMOUS report

FULL TARE-unedited

        40:00                They got one-down Nazi plane –

                        10 minutes past 12 – JU-88 1st plane

        40mm       gun #42 shot down plane-40mm anti aircraft gun

                        June 7, 1944

                        George Hicks-9:00am 7/7/1944-2nd day of invasion –interviews of

                        Men on beach

**50:00**          AIR RAID-in middle of interview!!!!

**55:00**          Describes Radiograph Machine in LCVP – getting wrecked from choppy seas getting machine ruined, owes Navy Corp 1 recorder – still works!!

            **         More from the beach

**59:00**          In a Bomber recording – description from the air over D-Day – Marauder Airplane – bombing run, interviews in the plane!

   10:00             018B.qif – air raid sirens-bombs exploding, destruction, BOMBS – buzz bomb at 9:05pm. June 18th 1944

                        1-More bomb blasts

                        2-gunfire? – bombs etc

   21:20             003 a.qif-Demo of Recordograph Machine-sound activated-telephone interface-poetry-singing-goofballing around I think; opera? Guy?

1:11:30             006.A.qif

                        1-History recap of WWII newsreels-Hitler, etc. Many recordings of WWII players.Chamberlin the WOOSE!!!! Sucker!!!

                        2-All iconic speeches by important people (leaders) of WWII

                        3-Master tape of world leader speeches

                        4-King of England-etc, etc

               ***    5-Roosevelt addresses Congress after meeting at YALTA

                        Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin to ratify world peace agreement.

                        6-President Touman’s address at end of war

                        *Famous words from 6 years of war narrated by Paul Killian


5:33                  007 P aif  by Albert on the recordograph machine

Excellent            1-guest register by Albert and June Stern for the 20th wedding

Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Leventhal

Albert Stern       2-Blinksy Stern!

personal            3-Daughter June


1:33:37             008 P.aif – 008A & 008B combined


30:23                011 P.aif

                        1-Interview with soldiers from front-D-Day-Landing cratts supplies  

                        -machine guns-boats sunk-sad stories of death

                        1-Stories of boats landing-swamping boats-boat sinking

                        American Navy landing craft pilots

                        GEORGE HICKS


Bombing            2-Back to Studio 6 British Invasion London Studio-Burma Invasion

Toyko                Secret reports-recaps-in Delhi, India

                        Bombing of Japan- B-29 Bombers – secret info.

                        B-29’s going to China & Saipai to BOMB Tokyo

Revenge of                China based B-29’s ! secret

Pearl Harbor      Military Intelligence

                        Comparing D-Day Invasion to (Bombing Japan 20th airforce B29s)


                        Major General Jimmy

                        1-Doolittle bombed D-Day Invasion after bombing Japan

                        2-Arthur Feldman in London

                        3-George Hicks-Chief of European News back in London after visiting                                 France



1-Update-2 days into Invasion – comparing Britain and France – Britain Is hopeful – France is ravaged by new war – HOPE! – Freedom

2-Some French traitors – snipers as they invade-

3-Blue Network Radio

Detailed!            4-Herbert Clark with ground forces described bombing

New marauder        5-Checburg update and battle updates pushing inland

Bomb run               6-Detailed report from marauder bombing run over Checburg-new-

                        Blew up square mile-Annihilator Squadron – interviews with pilots

                        Graphic description of wrecked German tanks, etc etc

                        2:00pm bombing run over Cherburg, 500lb bombs

                        Thomas B. Grandon WJZ



35:40                        012P.aif

                        1-Music->Big Rock Candy Mountain-LIVE!

                        Burl Ives

2-NBC news room, NY – Max Hill – announce unconditional surrender of Germany – Truman to account

3-Commentary on future during and after the surrender

False V-Day       4-Himmler offered to surrender

Announcement   5-Interrupt program-Peace rumor is unfounded!


Music – comic

****                 V-DAY announcement 9:00 Eastern War Time

                        7:15pm EWT-Stalin told Russia surrender after 1 day announced by

                        US and Britain

V-DAY               May 8th 1945 6:01 pm EWT hostilities in Europe officially ended and                                 Germany’s surrender took effect.

                        7-Japan war still on – treacherous Japanese

8-Commentary about citizens was effort and hard work up ahead to rebuild, etc. etc. assist Europe to rebuild

9-Problems of countries boundaries, governments, setting up Europe

                        10-Truman’s address – at 9:00am – no official V-E day due to war

                        Not over – Japan

                        11-Correspondent AP Kennedy broke surrender news one day early

                **     a) Ed Pierson – London and Moscow details on surrender

                        b) Victory thanks – but don’t forget cost in lives, etc

                        Proclamation on whole of war – synopsis – cleanse the world of evil

                        Harry S Truman Proclamation – Sunday May 13, 1945 Day of Prayer





Announcement   b) Unconditional surrender speech- Tuesday, May 8, 1945

                        1-minute after midnight, official end of hostilities



                                V – E Day: V is Victory E is Europe Day


                                V – J Day: V is Victory J is Japan Day



                        Mutual Broadcasting System


                        1-Turned on lights of Capitol 1st time at end of war-

                        Lights are all coming on again – but bring darkness to the Japs!


1:32                  013P.aif – Just snoring Mac? Gross

                        014P.aif – Sermon

                        Arthur Feldman – recorded service on cliff overlooks beach beach of                                 Normandy – church service in middle of field

1 week              Recorded excerpts and hymns – exploding mines in background by

After D-Day        Sappers? Cleansing mines – Onward Christian Soldiers

Invasion            Priest -> Lord’s Prayer – My Country Tiss of thee

                        LONG sermon – very long

                        End of service hymn – page 77 – final prayer


12:24                        015 P.aif

                        Talking quest register narrated by June Stern – 7 Gables

                        Jamaica Estates – Rubert Dulley Barrett – Actor

                        Funny guy, drunk, witty; Other Cads and N’are do wells! Risque

                        Joke/story about Mrs Roosevelt

Happy New Year? Banter-jokes-bad jokes-everybody is drunk

4:35 left             2-Baaad jokes!!!


1:35:40             017P.aif compilation  017A and 017B


2:00 mins          6_9416ex2.mp3 – James Wellen in London – D-Day description

                        Walter Kiernan in NY – bulletins from beginning of Invasion


1:40                  6_9416ex1.mp3 – from supreme headquarters allied expeditionary

                        force WJZ – NY Paul Nielson – bulletins




2:35                  56_97451ex1.mp3-ships-land crafts-D-day invasion descriptions

3:00                  56_97451ex2.mp3-Hicks famous broadcast!!!

3:00                  56_97451EX3.MP3-more Hicks from above, more combat ---


25:00                        004.aif – test recordings-music-tests-tongue twisters-testing

                        Recordgraph –more weird tests

                        Harp-singing-more tests- gibberish – Albert Stern- Battle of the

                        Baritones-vote for Bing Crosby-letters from Italy-music-harps-

                        Blue Network.WJZ victory troops!

                        Albert Stern – testing- sound check



1:18:37             56_9745_018.aiff

                        Tones – long continuous tone-George Hicks-tapes

                        Covered before – repeat 018??

10:00 in             D-Day pre description



                        Originals 018


                        All raw tapes recordings -5.aif to 43.aif

                        Possible new!!


22:00**             24.aif – report from Invasion – daylight June 6th

                        H-Hour?? – main German resistance


                        Reports on twilight attacks – end o f D-Day reports

                        29.aif & 30.aif – Frence sand-gliders, etc






Short Audio Excerpts from the D-Day Invasion Amertapes

Instructions for playing Amertape Recordings: Click on number, then click on play button. Repeat for each recording 1 through 7.

Original Recordgraph Amertapes FROM D-DAY,  June 6th, 1944


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